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Real Name: Dan

Contact: Webmaster@HeavensMetal.Com

Owner/designer of this site. An avid fan of hard rock and metal, both Christian and secular, for many years.

Top 10 Discs in Rotation at the Moment

Disciple - By God
Mylon and Broken Heart - Crack the Sky


Real Name: Mike

Contact: whiplash1972@HeavensMetal.Com

Personal Homepage:

Top 10 Discs in Rotation at the Moment

Mass - Holden On To Christmas
Desyre - Glamtron
Ransom - Ransom
Timothy Gaines - Breakfast @ Timothy's
Michael Sweet - One Sided War
Michael Omartian - The Race
Soundoctrine - For What It's Worth
Various Artists - Extremely Loud Guitar Disc


Contact: BlueCharvel@HeavensMetal.Com

Top 10 Discs in Rotation at the Moment


Real Name: Rick

Contact: EvilRick@HeavensMetal.Com

Big Christian hard rock fan

Top 10 Discs in Rotation at the Moment

Love Life - Good Bye Lady Jane
Whitecross - In The Kingdom
Stryper - Against The Law
Fear Not - Fear Not
Seventh Seal - Messengers Of Love


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